Carpet Cleaning Apollo Parkways

My Home Rug Cleaner is Apollo Parkways’s finest carpet cleaning company delivering a comprehensive range of carpet cleaning solutions at the lowest prices. For the past two decades, we are known for providing professional carpet cleaning using green cleaning methods. Our carpet cleaning services include carpet dry cleaning/carpet steam cleaning, carpet pet odour and stain removal, mould removal from carpet, carpet sanitizing, Carpet Cleaning Apollo Parkways, carpet fire damage restoration, end of lease cleaning, carpet water damage restoration, and so on.

If you need something for your carpets then we can definitely provide you with a reliable solution!

Carpet Cleaning Apollo Parkways
Carpet Cleaning Apollo Parkways

Nourish Carpets with Professional Carpet Cleaning Apollo Parkways

Do you need professional carpet cleaning? Read the following advantages and decide for yourself:

  1. Long life for the carpet
  2. Cleaner, brighter, and shinier carpet
  3. Stain and odour free carpet
  4. Healthier environment
  5. Lesser chances of allergy-related health problems
  6. Complete removal of dust, contaminants, and allergens
  7. Improves the looks of your room

You can enjoy all these benefits when you hire the carpet cleaning experts from My Home Rug Cleaner Apollo Parkways! Call us to Make an Appointment!

Affordable Residential Carpet Cleaning

Worried about the health of your loved ones? Come to My Home Rug Cleaner and switch to a healthy life. You spend a lot of time at home and thus your carpet plays a major role in deciding the condition of your health. A dirty carpet has the potential to cause sneezing, coughing, red eyes, running nose, and even serious problems like asthma. So to make your carpet beneficial for you, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis and get professional carpet cleaning done once every year. We clean the carpet from deep within to eliminate even the minutest germs and pollutants.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Service
Residential Carpet Cleaning Service

Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The decor of your office is the first thing your client notices. Enhance the looks of your commercial property by keeping your carpet clean, beautiful, stain free, and bright. Choose My Home Rug Cleaner for affordable commercial carpet cleaning. We deliver hassle free service with guaranteed results to make it easy for you. Contact us for more details!

Carpet Stain Removal Service Apollo Parkways

At My Home Rug Cleaner Apollo Parkways, we have the means to remove all sorts of stains from the carpet. These include stains of:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Mud
  • Dirt
  • Blood


Coffee Stain Removal Service
Coffee Stain Removal Service

Carpet Mould Removal Apollo Parkways

Another one of the major carpet cleaning Apollo Parkways services we offer include carpet mould removal. Presence of humidity and moisture inside the rooms leads to mould development on your carpets. Mould growth on the carpet is a dangerous scenario that leads to various health problems in the home. Moreover, if you try to remove mould on your own, you may end up spreading the pores throughout. Thus, for efficient removal of mould from your carpets, make sure you hire the professional services.

Our Process for Carpet Dry Cleaning

If your carpet is not too dirty or heavily stained then we recommend opting for carpet dry cleaning.

Here is Our Process for The Same:

  • Industrial Level Vacuuming – We use industrial-grade vacuum cleaners to clean your carpets in a thorough manner. This pre-vacuuming step is to get rid of debris and dry soil.
  • Pre-Treatment of Stains – We have manufactured powerful dry cleaning solutions that make the stains on your carpet vanish in no time.
  • Exclusive Carpet Dry Cleaning – At My Home Rug Cleaner Apollo Parkways, we use a special kind of dry cleaning technology for carpet cleaning that aims at removing more stains and dust with almost 90% less water.
  • Grooming of Carpets – The last step is to groom the carpet in such a way that it looks just like new to your guests. We do pile setting and quicken the drying process so you can use it as soon as our cleaners are done.

The speciality of our carpet dry cleaning process is that we ensure to leave no chemical residues behind.

Our Process for Carpet Steam Cleaning

Do you have too many stains on your carpet? Then choosing carpet steam cleaning is a wiser option as it does deeper cleaning as compared to dry cleaning. Here is the carpet steam cleaning process:

  • Pre-Vacuuming – At My Home Rug Cleaner Apollo Parkways we use highly advanced vacuum cleaners to eliminate solid dirt and debris from the carpet.
  • Carpet Stains Pre-Treatment – Using eco-friendly stain removing products, we make your carpet absolutely clean from stains.
  • Hot Water Extraction Carpet Steam Cleaning is done with the best method known as hot water extraction. We have exclusive machines for this that use hot compressed water to do the cleaning. Then extraction extracts this water along with soap and germs from the carpet. Our machines are so designed that no residue or moisture is left behind after the extraction process.
  • Professional Carpet Grooming – One of the best benefits of professional carpet cleaning is that your carpet gets professional grooming too. We do carpet pile setting to make it soft and more beautiful. You will be able to use your carpet after 8 hours of the carpet steam cleaning.
  • Carpet Sanitization – Finally our cleaners do carpet deodorization and carpet sanitization. This leaves a nice fragrance and makes the carpet completely hygienic.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Service
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

Same Day Rug Cleaning.

The rug is the loveliest thing on our home, it enhances the beauty in our house, the attractive colours make the home filled with a different aesthetic. At My Home Rug Cleaner, we are proud to offer same day rug cleaning services, we have been providing the Rug Cleaning Services for years. In our same day rug cleaning service, we ensure that the technicians reach to clients place on time and deliver the service properly. We have hired a separate team for delivering same day rug cleaning service, they’re efficient and fast, to book the service contact us.

Why My Home Rug Cleaner Apollo Parkways

Apollo Parkways loves to get its carpets cleaned by My Home Rug Cleaner. Do you know why? Because:

  • We have 20 years of industry experience.
  • We use the latest carpet cleaning tools.
  • We employ the best carpet cleaning methods.
  • We use only green cleaning solutions & eco-friendly stain removing agents.
  • We hire qualified and licensed carpet cleaners.
  • We serve all areas of Apollo Parkways.
  • We are just a call away.
  • We are locals of Apollo Parkways.
  • We provide guaranteed carpet cleaning solutions.

My Home Rug Cleaner is a name you can trust upon when it comes to carpet cleaning services. We deliver excellence through our customer service as well. We believe in making relationships with our customers and that is why we never let them go unhappy. Experience a different kind of carpet cleaning service at an unbelievable price only from My Home Rug Cleaner Apollo Parkways! Call us today!

Same Day Carpet Cleaning
Same Day Carpet Cleaning

Location: Apollo Parkways, VIC, Australia

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