How to Maintain your Rug?

Rug outshines in a room, it’s looks are attractive. Rugs are made to make your home beautiful and the rug has low maintenance. You can adopt simple measures to maintain the rug in your home. Besides regular vacuuming, you can do a little bit more to make your rug clean. In this article, you’ll read different ways to maintain the rug in your house.

Vacuuming the rug daily.

Save some time from your schedule daily and vacuum the rug daily. Run your vacuum cleaner on the rug thoroughly, flip it and vacuum the back side too. If you don’t let sit the dust, it’ll be easier to clean your rug after. However, if you have a wool rug, vacuum it few times in a month. The fabric of woollen rug is fragile, daily vacuuming on high settings may damage the woollen rug.

Clean the rug immediately after any spill.

Blot the area with a soft cotton cloth and let it absorb the stain. If you ignore the stain for long, it becomes stubborn and hard to remove. So deal with the stain as soon as you can. You can use a cleaning agent to clean, but remember some cleaning agent may damage the rug. So before using it, do a blot test.

Professional Rug Cleaners
Professional Rug Cleaners

Keep removing the rug from its original place.

If you remove the rug once in a while, it’ll remain new. When you put things on the carpet, the tension rises on the area, for example- if you have placed a table on the carpet, the leg of the table would tear the rug, if you kept it for long. Thus, removing the carpet once in a while is a good option.

Use vinegar to bring back the shine.

Diluted vinegar can be used to restore the shine of a rug. Pour one cup of vinegar in three cups of water, take a cloth and dip it in vinegar. Blot the surface of the rug with a cloth and leave it to get dry. Don’t expose it in the sunlight or the rug will fade away.

Shower some borax.

Sprinkling some borax on the carpet would kill all the bacteria and make the rug fresh. Once sprinkled, leave it for approx 20 minutes and then vacuum it. Remember, borax is not good for pets and kids, keep them away while you’re doing this.

Rug Vacuum Cleaner
Rug Vacuum Cleaner

Take professional help.

My Home Rug Cleaner are professional rug cleaners in Melbourne. We specialize in all kind of rug cleaning, we know how costly and important rugs are. We keep your investments safe and secure and make it impressive so that the rugs keep your home beautiful. Call or Free quote on our numbers for your rug cleaning.

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